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An Industrial PoE switch (Power over Ethernet) is a network device that transmits electrical power through the same cable that carries data. When connecting network devices such as IP cameras, VoIP phones, and wireless access points, the switch will detect whether they are compatible with PoE and automatically enables PoE power transmission to these endpoints. This is why PoE switches are also classified as Layer 2 Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE).

Each component of the Industrial PoE switch is designed and rigorously tested to handle extremely harsh environments subject to a wide range of operating temperature, vibration and shock, and protection from ESD (Electrostatic discharge), EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and electrical surge.

PoE switches support IEEE802.3af(15.4W),802.3at PoE+(30W),802.3bt PoE++(95W), save installation and maintenance costs by reducing the need for external power supply, additional wires, power outlet.

UPCOM Industrial PoE switches provide fixed ST, SC and FC connectors, or Small Form Pluggable (SFP) transceivers with LC connector. Fiber ports support multimode(850nm) or single-mode(1310/1550nm) and dual fiber or single-fiber with a maximum distance can reach 120km. SFP models also support CWDM o DWDM wavelengths.

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