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UPCOM provides maintenance and repair services for both warranty and out-of-warranty products. RMA items to be repaired or replaced will be carried out in the following policies and procedures.

Submit the RMA Request to a UPCOM Contact Window

Customers should fill in the RMA request form and submit it to the UPCOM contact window. Once we receive the RMA form, we will first evaluate and provide the RMA number and returned address for repair if necessary. Please do not return any device back to UPCOM without an authorized RMA number.

Verify Warranty Eligibility and Service Charging Policy

1. If the returned device is within the scope of UPCOM warranty, we will inspect the defective device and evaluate its condition to repair or replace the required items. All services will be determined by UPCOM RMA Team or please refer to your regular contact window.

2. If the returned device is out of warranty, UPCOM will send a PI at an estimated cost of the repaired device to wait for customer’s approval before proceeding with the repair.

Shipping Cost of RMA Units

1. If the damaged device is still within the warranty period, UPCOM will bear the express cost of the returning items. If you need any special shipping arrangements, please clearly indicate that it will be shipped to our suggested destination.

2. If the defective items are out of warranty period, you must bear the cost of two-way shipment.

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