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16 Channel Forward XLR Balanced Audio Over Fiber Converters


Support 16 channel forward XLR balanced audio Over fiber;
Plug-and-play, easy to install;
Support fiber connector FC/ST/SC optional;
Single mode, single fiber can reach up to 20km;
Support External power DC12V;
LED indicators for easy diagnosis and monitoring work status;
Wide range of operational temperature(-20°C ~65°C);
Support Stand-alone or rack-mount installation;
Warranty: 3 years;



UPCOM UP-XLR-16CH-20 balanced audio over fiber converters transmit 16 channel balanced line-level XLR broadcast-grade audio signal up to 20km through a single mode fiber. The device consists of a transmitter and receiver that support 16-bit digitally encoded broadcast audio for use on a single mode optical fiber.

XLR balanced audio to fiber converters are commonly used in Rental, Staging, Theater, Stadiums, Theme Park, Broadcast/Studio, CCTV audio and Professional AV applications, and can be used in stand-alone or rack-mount installations. The plug and play design ensures adjustment-free installation and operation, and optical adjustments are never required. Provide LED indicators to monitor the running status of the system in real time.

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