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N*64kpbs V.35 Fiber Optical Modem


Support V.35 rate of Nx64Kbit/s (N=1~32);
Support the loopback of local analog/digital interface;
Support remote loopback function;
Support pseudo-random code test function;
LED indicates local status and remote status for easy troubleshooting;
Support DIP switch management;
Capable to be communicated with FE1 Fiber Modem;
Support transmission distance between 2km to 100km;
Support DC-48V or AC 220V power supply optional;


UPCOM HPO-V35 is a high-performance V.35 optical fiber modem developed with a dedicated integrated circuit. on one side, the N*64K V.35 data signal is converted into an optical signal through a single-mode or multi-mode optical fiber, and on the other side, the optical fiber signal is re-converted into N*64K V.35 data signal. Multi-mode fiber can reach up to 2km, and the maximum transmission distance of single-mode fiber is 120km.

The V.35 interface can be directly connected to the V.35 interface of the data terminal or the WAN port of the multiplexer, switch, router, and can form a private network or conduct a wide area network connection.

HPO-V35 (V.35 fiber modem) can be interconnected with FE1 fiber modem.

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