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Managed 16E1+ 4ETH PDH Optical Multiplexer


Provides 16*E1 +4-port 100M Ethernnet over the fiber;
Support 1-port Fiber or 1+1 Fiber back up;
Ethernet port supports dot1Q VLAN setting possibility and port based VLAN;
LED indicators for alarm function and can monitor remote device status;
Support DIP switch management;
Supports E1 local and remote loopback for installation;
GUI based RS232 NMS manager for easy monitoring and management;
Support DC48V and AC 220V power supply;
Support -5-65°C wide operating temperature range;



HPOM-16E1-4ETH Optical multiplexer is 16*E1 G.703 + 4 Ethernet 10/100BaseT fiber multiplexer with logical bandwidth control, QoS, and dot1Q VLAN which allows effective transmission of those protocols over fiber optical cable over distances more than 120 km.

UPCOM HPOM-16E1-4ETH can provide up to 16E1 interfaces and 4 Fast Ethernet interface. The Ethernet interface can be operated in 10M/100M, half duplex or full duplex mode by either auto-negotiation or manual setting.

HPOM-16E1-4ETH is a fiber media transport for 16E1 + 4*10/100BaseT transmission. The BNC model provides unbalanced 75 Ohm coaxial connections while the RJ-48C model provides balanced 120 Ohm connections over twisted pair wiring, it provides an order-wire for which a standard telephone can be used.      

HPOM-16E1-4ETH provides a user RS232 transparent data link with a RJ45 connector which possesses complete operation monitoring function. Those indicators include Loss of optical signal, LOF, 10-3, 10-6 bit error rate, Loss of each E1 tributary signal and Ethernet status. Since some overhead bytes are taken as monitoring channel, all alarm and status of Remote can be display locally.

HPOM-16E1-4ETH provides RS232 interface for Network Management. Supported by GUI NMS utility, users can observe the status of Local and Remote, as well as other alarm information unable to be displayed by LEDs in the front panel. Also, with NMS software, user can make certain E1 loop back for testing purpose, 4 * 10/100 Ethernet ports support intelligent Layer 2 switch features, such as QoS, dot1Q and port based VLAN, flow control per port with steps n*32 Kbit/s and more.

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