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4-port 10/100M Base-T(X)+1-port 100M FX


Support 4-port 10/100M Base-T(X)+1-port 100M FX;
Plug-and-play, no configuration is required;
LED indicators for easy diagnosis and monitoring work status;
Support External power 5VDC input;
Support 0-50°C wide operating temperature range;
Low power consumption, No fan, Metal casing;
Support stand-alone or wall Installation;
FCC Class A & CE approved, RoHS compliance;



MC104 Ethernet Media Converter, also known as Fiber Optic Media Converter, is a network device that transparently converts data between short-distance electrical signals and long-distance fiber optic signals, plug-and-play, no configuration required, can be operated at wide temperatures range from 0 to 50°C.

UPCOM MC104 Fiber Optic Media Converter support 4-port 10/100M Base-T(X)+1-port 100M FX, adopts durable metal housing, external DC5V, is a flexible and cost-effective solution that can extend transmission distances to 120km through a single-mode fiber, protecting data from noise and electromagnetic interference.

MC104 is ultra-small in size, with shielded RJ45 Ethernet jack, optional SC/ST/FC fiber-optic connector. Built-in auto-sensing function supports full or half-duplex Ethernet operation, widely used in MAN (metropolitan area network), security monitoring, intelligent transportation and other applications.

MC104 series supports stand-alone installation, can realize the interconnection between repeaters, hubs, switches, terminals. all photoelectric interfaces conform to international standards, and the products are suitable for different harsh industrial environments. The installation and operating procedures of the Fiber Optic Media Converter are simple and straightforward. Operation status can be monitored through a set of Diagnostic LED located on the front panel, including single-mode and multi-mode transmission modes, the multi-mode can transmit 2km, single-mode can reach up to 120km.

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